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“ We do feel grateful we could meet and know you when we came to India initially. And we could get one reliable partner and run business with responsibility, hard working,kind attitude and sincerity. All this is from the excellent character of Founder and owner, Mr.Hiren.Desai.And we'd like to add one extra words, He is one handsome gentleman. All the time in the past, there isn't any unpleasant issue happened between the two sides. We get strong continuous support from this reputed company and Mr.Hiren, and fruitful private help during our Indian visiting.”


Beijing, China

“It is really great working with Thykn group. Its one of the group who works as a team with partners which helps to grow the business for Thykn as well as its partners.”


Glenmark Lifesciences Ltd.

“High quality products and professional staff”



“Thykn is a reliable business partner, their market understanding & excellent relation with customers is always helpful. We have been doing business with Thykn since the last 10 years for some specific markets.”

Udham Singh

Nectar Lifescience Ltd.

"Fast reply, complete documents, timely delivery and always wonderful sales service. Place order with M/s THYKN, place yourself in a safe boat.” You are our trusted friend and partner. Most of the time we are sourcing important molecules from you, even though we know some manufacturers. Because we believe you can guarantee stable supply with competitive price.



"It was in Chemspec held in Hyderabad,India 2005 that I first heard of Thykn International. Mr Hiren Desai, CEO of Thykn, correctly read out the Chinese name of my boss, which impressed me most. After my boss and I returning to China, our company started cooperation with Thykn International. We found that Thykn is a very professional trader and gives all kinds of impeccable support. With our cooperation became more and more deep, Thykn has become our most close friend in India...."



"I would like to thank your company for the long years of the effective cooperation. We also would like to acknowledge and thank you for your prompt response to our needs and your ability to solve any difficult situations. Additionally we would like to thank you for the quality of your goods. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship between our companies in the future. Thank you in advance for your cooperation."



"The mercantile partnership with Thykn has been more than a decade, the strong bond is established on mutual trust and solid friendship. With some thorny issues being encountered in our professional career, both parties could be straightened out smoothly and confidently. Furthermore, having commerce with Thykn not only be able to gain more eyesight in the global but also increase visibility of my own firm in worldwide. Thus, it is worthy to earn respect and undergo fruitful experience by creating friendly and harmonious relationship with indispensable partner, Thykn."

Snyder Kuo


"Thykn is a dynamic and aggressive organization that has supported Metrochem in reaching various customers globally. Their loyalty and professionalism has kept us in a wonderful business relationship for many years and wish the same for the future."

Sree Harsha


"It was pleasure working with you and your team. We thank you for your support start from enquiry to executing the order timely response in all aspects We look forward your continued support"


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